Hyung-Nim featuring @Calireiki

HyungNim (형님); Sounds like → hyuhng ⋅ neem

Hyung-nim is used as a term for calling one's 'mob boss,' 'crime boss,' or 'Don'. It is a masculine word, meant to be spoken from one male to an older male, as it also commonly means older brother.

What does a mafia serve but its queen - a new type of hyung-nim? She is a boss who is here to collect.


Model: Cali Lindle @calireiki

Editor & Director: Daniel In @danielinphotography / @amurastudio

DP: Billy Moon @safflare

Production Assistant: Shane Kirby @hrtbrkshane

Music by: Banzanji - "Movin" (see more info below)


Model: Cali Lindle @calireiki

Photographer: Daniel In Photography @danielinphotography / @AmuraStudio

Hair Stylist: Rebecca Graves @becca.graves.hair

Make-Up Artist: Saruul Bekhbaatar @saruulbebe

Wardrobe Provided By:







💽 Bazanji




💽 Rap & Trap Studios


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